söndag 23 oktober 2011

Sunday morning, sunrise at Sandhamn, the Stockholm archipelago.

Trying out the new panorama application on my IPhone. Worked quite OK despite the fact I was not able to cope with the stitching and adjusting of light the way you do with the panning in Photoshop. But this time I travelled light without a computer so it will just have to do.The boats are now resting ashore for the winter; a few sailingboats were spotted at sea though, and there is a stunning tranquility lingering over the autumn days in the outer archipelago. With all turists gone you spendgood times at the Sandhamn´s wellknown Inn talking at lengths to old friends and all-year-around inhabitants (the natives! :-) of the island - like I was myself some years ago. Nice! But now I am flying off back to Gotland again to the old farm with the redroof and the 10000 apples!
Bye Sandhamn for now!