torsdag 1 september 2011

The Eastern coast of Gotland..

Shrimps so temptingly presented, boiled on one side of the wooden serving box and smoked on the other.

The opposite coast of Gotland (from where I live), to the east is called Östergarnslandet; has a lot to offer. Some days ago it was time for an excursion east together with a friend who has been living there for many summers in the past - and, of course was an excellent guide!

Starting off at Katthammarsvik with shrimps at their Smokehouse was an excellent launching point for the day.
Beautiful Gotland glass and with a view of the Baltic.
Gotland designs and the famous sheepskins of the island in the back.
Great designs!
The only real manor house in Gotland is to be found here in Katthammarsvik.
Annexes for rent.
Time for a walk in the woods and a peak at the various birds at Storsund.
The bird watching tower.

A visit to Ilses toy store in Kräklingbo is a must.
Ilse to the right. She stocks a lot a quality toys from Germany - mainly made of wood. Not much plastic here! She made a lovely package for me to send to Washington where someone is turning 3 years tomorrow!
Meanwhile, at home, some huge old ashtrees are felled in my backyard. Good stuff they have for equipment, those good humored Gotland farmers!
Well, now is time for cleaning up and burning. That part is mine! And my equipemnt is just great! A rake will do just fine (and some girl power)!