onsdag 16 november 2011

November images..

Winding down..

The Still life of November.
A time for painting. My latest oil painting:
" A November kiss".

The abundance of apples The making of must

The many kinds of apples render..
..a spectrum of colors to the must and cider.
The eggs from the farm often hold two yolks.

The beautiful chestnut tree losing its leaves..
The sun sinking at 4 o´clock..
..and the moon rising shortly after..
November is a time for art exhibitions..
This one is at Sanda, Gotland, promoting women artists living on the island.
Digital art by me. I will soon embark on the task of turning this image into an "summer jog" oil painting. (After the copping of today´s ration of firewood! My little studio is heated only by a small stove. Brrrr.)
Time to put the sneekers on the shelf and bring out the lined leather boots!

tisdag 8 november 2011

Coming to a point..

..when I could not stand the old, grey wallpapers from the 70´s of my studio anymore, I just had a freaky spell at them the other day. To the sound of the cosy stove burning (and Joe Cocker) I frantically started to paint the walls with"feel-good" pictures.
There were tributes to Niki de St Phalle.
Tinguely and Niki
She, her very person, and her poetry and crazy, great art that is like a roller coaster to your mind and makes you constantly feel good!
Her Buddha sculpture in Israel.
Niki: Mistress of the Universe.
And from Niki to Alice - Mistress of the Wonderland - copied from an old story book I bought in an antiquarian bookshop in Harare, Zimbabwe in the 80´s. Alice in this old story book is the spitting image of..
Alice Liddell in a photo of taken by Lewis Carroll himself in 1858.

Design above the little stove.
I am going to add some more Niki´s. Maybe this one?
Sooo lovely - don´t you think?

Or this one?
Or may be all of them?
Exhaused, I later fell asleep on the sofa next to the silky hunting beagle snoring away in the library while the autumn darkness fell over the now completely stripped apple trees outside the windows. It is still unusually warm in Sweden for November, so today I will abandon the paint brushes to collect the last walnuts on the ground as well as the last red winter apples.
AND it is high time to find somebody to lend me a Lagotto dog to sniff up the Gotland truffles of the season!
On the sunny Sunday morning by the way, we had some 50 flounders/flat fish in the net! And had them smoked in my brother-in-law´s homebuilt smokehouse. Delicious!
Last year´s truffle catch.