måndag 1 november 2010

Pardon my French!

I finally got my hands on a small blackboard in Visby..I had been looking for one for a long time to give my kitchen a bit of a French ambiance! So there I was working away with my chalkstick dreaming up a mock menu of Coquiller St Jacques and Bisque aux Crevettes and alike..(One has to pamper one´s dreams a bit extra in the creeping darkness of the oncoming winter..) The homemade Limonchello in the decanter is Italian inspired though! As is the photo of the mouthwatering crevettes above shot in Sardinia by my friend and excellent photographer, Helmut B. But of course there are no fresh seafood like that in Gotland. These things you will find on the West coast of Sweden far away from here.
These little delicacies are what we get here though. "Crawdads" I think they call them in the Deep South. (I fished a lot of those in Northern California lakes in the past when they were considered cheap soulfoods still.) The crayfish are found in fresh waterlakes and rivers here. I actually put a few catching cages into the pond behind my house but there was nothing.. These ones are bought. And from China! Sic! The ones caught in Swedish are sooo expensive!
We will have to do with the rustic Cruditées des Saison of the farming belt instead.
Presently I collect heaps of walnuts!
No so bad after all! And HUGE country eggs!
This is my sister´s pantry ajacent to her kitchen which she recently created from a wardrobe full of old clothing.. It now holds rows of jars of country goodies and preservatives instead. A resonable switch one would think! Who doesn´t dream of a walk-in pantry?
I love this old hardboard poster that is now hanging in the new kitchen. French. No doubt! It´s been with me for a long time now and in travelled with me to many places where I lived over the years.
Today I fell for this little shabby-chic-bench in white wash in a nice shop in Visby . It will do nicely in the narrow hallway in my house I think.
The last flowers of the season are brought in from the garden to decorate the dining table. I tried to take a impressionistic (French again) view on these last signs of summer with this photo..
Now this you could call a blackboard! Oh Paris!
My son - the gourmet - who lived there in the French capital for many years. What he does not know about wines and dines is probaby not worth knowing.

We- mothers of minor blackboards- have to try harder!