lördag 23 oktober 2010

A great place to spend an afternoon..

..and to have a vegetarian lunch based on fresh produce from Gotland is Leva Kungslador
just south of Visby. It is a great meeting place for any one interested in an ecological lifestyle.
It is beautifully situated in typical old Gotland limestone barns here called "The Kings Barns". I have been going there off and on lately to have lunch with friends in their laidback ambiance.

And to buy their inspiring groceries and produce from the store that smells like I imagine stores used to smell before plastic sealed off the pleasures of sensitivity: spices, freshly stone baked bread, apples, home made soap, candies, honey and candies.

In the eatery there is a library corner filled with books and cosy sofas were you can easily spend a rainy afternoon reading and sipping a mint tea and have a piece of home made cake.
The Barns are also a meeting place for all kinds of functions like lectures, exhibitions, pottery making and alike. And the food - is like a dream! Mmmmm mm.
A visit to Leva - Leva means to live in Swedish - is compulsory for any Visby visitor!