torsdag 16 juni 2011

In love of the blues..

Marimekko, Ittala, Finland
Isaac Grunewald, Sweden
Alhambra, Granada, Spain

The Red Sea, Egypt

The Blue Train, South Africa

Peacock, Gotland Sweden

Interior, Gotland farmstead, Sweden

Ming urn, China

Baie des Anges, Nice, France by Roul Dufy

Ladies´fan, China

Blue eggs.
Blå Blom. Gustavsberg, Sweden

19th century Swedish wall paper
Blue view from my window

Vintage blue..
The Blue Parlor. Gotland


Not mine..
Spring blues..
China blue
Cowboy blue. Young fashion. Washington.
Blue shadows. Nyhamn, Gotland
Blue flairing dress. Vogue
A piece of coastline. Gotland
Would like one of theese!
Greece, no doubt!

Henri Matisse´s blue girl
Snow Blue. My winter garden
Feeling blue? Nails to match.

Sampling blues
Monet´s blue mood.My blue mood takes over. Normal cherries from the garden. Fake blue.
Vincent, marvellous Vincent