onsdag 4 augusti 2010

Medieval Week on Gotland Aug 8th-15th 2010

Photo above: The Medieval week´s Official webpage
For a week now..
..people in Gotland will live in a true Medieval ambiance.
And travel 600 years back in time..
In a journey in time and space!
We will go back in time with the medieval markets and music, theater and lectures in Visby´s old town and surroundings. Knights will clash in tournaments...
During eight days in August the Middle Age is back.
Gotland’s special settings, Visby’s 200 medieval houses on winding lanes, splendid church ruins, and the magnificent city wall frame a spectacle without equal.
Medieval preparations are taking place all over - here in one of the old church ruins in Visby.
A mixture of sobriety and merriment, education and festivities. The week incorporate music, dance and theatre performed by many different artists and groups.
These are photos I took last year..
..when I was wearing a Medieval garb like above. Which I had borrowed. This year I´ll wear my new Medieval dress that looks like this:
And here are some dresses from last year´s tayloring efforts :
My sister to the left.
And this is a setting truly fit for a knight and all the fair maidens!