tisdag 17 augusti 2010


..in my Sandhamn cottage. I built the larger house in the outpost of the Stockholm archipelago back in 1991. Over the years and after many trips near and afar there are now quite a few items gathered in the house that sparks one or two memories..
The America clock was bought locally in a Stockholm antique shop and was provided by me with a nose, a mouth on the pendulum and a gleaming eye..
This putty I once found totally broken on a garbage dump. I fell in love with the little baby Jesus and spent some time mending and painting it. He is now attached to a secure snow boot from the Canadian army.
"We are in the village"..(as opposed to "gone fishing" when you turn it over) ..I painted on a piece of driftwood..
A long piece of driftwood with rusty nails serves as hat stand..
Peter Rabbit in porcelain has traded mr McGregor´s garden for my living room. Safer there..
The lovely kite I bought in Lombook, Indonesia.
Well. Yeah. That was a night in Paris to remember..
This little fellow I had a hard time leaving behind on the Jaipur market, India. Just had to bring him home. Here is has settled in the windy archipelao playing his little sad tones on his bag pipe. I sometimes wonder if he misses the hot Jaipur nights and his missus.
(They came in pairs..)
This grim prince has been with me for many years now. I think I picked him up in Vera Cruz, Mexico, when I lived there a long time ago. He watches over me still.

The old wall medical cupboard that still smells heavily of camphor, I picked up at a market in Juan-les-Pines on the Riviera. The "old" dolls are replicas and I sold a lot of those in my former boutique "Village Corner".
Lanterns, and old ship model and a box camera that I picked up in Harare, Zimbabwe. A lot of people left that country (rightly so it turned out!) when Mugabe came into power and they in turn left great many antiques behind that they were not able to carry. I arrived in the country at that time 1982 - but did not have any money to buy many these antique bargains. However some old cameras I was able to afford..
Old tools and a masai necklace I was given my the Masai at one of their biannual meetings on a sacred hill in northern Tanzania. I went to this event with the (then) Minister of Interior in Tanzania and could thus attend - not being Masai. The Masai tribes gathered here from all over the East African region preforming all kinds of rites. As a greeting one of the Chiefs spat me right in the face. A token of his esteem! And I got the necklace with the hanging beads symbolizing my marital status. A fair compensation!