torsdag 20 januari 2011

Here are some more..

..of my recent paintings and art work from way back. Some are water colors and others are oil paintings.
I adore the Swedish painter Isaac Grunewald. Here I am trying to capture his great style as a source of inspiration - his flowers makes my heart beat faster and sic! I will never be able to buy one of his paintings! So here we go..(above)
This one I painted this week and it is still not dry.
Working in the Sudan, I loved to visit Omdurman. Water color.
Khartoum heat at noon. Time for prayers.
Reflections in glass alas! Sorry!
Menton, Cote d´Azur. Mimosa and smell of lemons.
Gaussian Blurr. Collage
Water color. Or aquarelle as we call it. Akvarell in Swedish.
The beating heart. Passion in oil.
Water color from Sandhamn.
Marine inspiration with text and sea shells. Water color.
"In the mist" - the time when all sunds are muffled. Painted on a used children´s billboard I found in the garbage. Gilded the frame. This one is my favourite and it hangs over my white sofa in the living room of the Gotland farm. I always feel a sence of harmony when I look at it..
Well, so many styles are represented. I hope you liked at least some of them!