torsdag 9 juni 2011

Another of my artist neighbours.. the gifted sculptor, painter and stylist Carola Edlund of Ungesmiss, Stenkyrka.
She is very skilled at her craft and most of her sculptures are chiselled in marble and with a sensual/erotic focus. Last year, she called our then Bishop of Visby, Lennart Koskinen, and asked him if he would object to her having an erotic sculpture exhibition in one of the many church ruins of the Gotland capital. To which the Bishop promptly answered: "But of course! Anything on the theme of love can be displayed within the walls of the church!"
Carola Edlund in addition spends a month a year in India to manufacture clothes for the popular Medieval week on Gotland that takes place every August.
This year she produced a calender on Medieval Erotica (together with photographer Carolina Bosdotir and a number of models,) shot in parts in the church ruins of Visby:

Month of July
This model is the great guy who installed my new fireplace last winter. Here he really looks like the crafty handyman he is! :-) (He is also Carolas husband)
Miss Medieval February
Sweet May Love!
Merry "Christmas-kind-of.."
The woods of Gotland..
Finding the needle in the haystack?

A beautiful photo of the artist herself dressed in one of her Medieval dresses.