fredag 15 april 2011

Swedish Crown Princess Victoria..

Pretty Princess.
..and her husband Prince Daniel paid us a visit at Gotland today and I managed to take some pictures of the couple.

Gotland showed itself from its best sunny side and the Princess kept saying how much she enjoyed being here. She spent quite sometime talking to people who ha turned up here in Tingstäde to greet her.
Here they are visiting the Polhemsgården in Tingstäde.
Gotland spring flowers..
A great outfit!
The couple radiated heaps of warmth.
And they seem soooo much in love!

The new islam scores..

..when actress Weena Malik in an orthodox Pakistani TV-programme, is accused of Koran sinning for her participation in the Indian docu soap "Big Boss".
Watch when Weena in an unprecedented rage discharges her mortar shelling on the perplexed mufti Abdul Quavi:

Quavi: "A million watched your programme. 100 % believe that you disgraced Pakistan and the religion."

"I am more outraged with you than you are with me" she retorts. "Today, bribe crimes, murder and theft are all committeed in the name of islam!"

The truth is, that fundamentalism - no matter whether you name it Christianity or Muslim or by any other name - frequently consider itself to possess the capacity
/monopoly/priviledge to hold the full knowledge and the fundamental insight
what "everybody is thinking and how everybody should live and behave" ...
and subsequently have the world to adjust accordingly..