måndag 7 mars 2011

I have been struggling..

..with this oil painting for quite a while now :
A memory from a Paris´cafe.
It is now in a stage when it will run the risk of becoming over worked and I will leave it for a while.

This was a true exercise in "capturing light!"
(How on earth did the old light masters manage?)
This is a painting I made after an old photo found in the family album of my paternal Grandma Astrid as a young girl in the end of the 19th century. Love her dress! (Not her hat alas!)
The happiness of unpacking a new artist´s box full of the loveliest colors and brushes which I did the other day! I feel sad I find too little a time to try them out at present. The house is completely full of ECO-fibers due to a massive isolation process - quite necessary to dodge the draught in this old farm!

So you´ll find me with quite other kinds of brushes in my hands these days! Big ones!
Well - this little water color I just had to make after reports about the winter situation in the Stockholm archipelago. The ice/winter situation has not been as tough for decades in the Baltic! Friends are driving their four-wheelers on the ice all the way to the outer skerries!
(and back, alas! before the ice started cracking. Oh these daredevils - archipelago sons of the rough and tough..
By the way, this gorgeous photo was taken by my friend Paivi M a few days ago from the southern shore of Sandhamn. Keep them coming Paivi!