fredag 3 september 2010

Autumn is almost there..

A strange kind of peace starts settling upon you like some weather proof outfit.. Outdoor activities are traded by indoor occupations at the tune of the rain drumming on the windows accompanied by an unmercyful wind from the restless, greying sea.
Today I brought out the paint brushes. Long time no seen, friends!
And practised on a bit my roses.
I wonder how many of those I have painted over the years in my interior decoration store? On furniture, linens, fabrics and on canvases.. A rose is a rose is a rose..
It worked quite OK so I made this one (see below) from memories of the rooftops of Paris instead.
I always dream of Paris, particularly in the fall-then who doesn´t? To take afternoon tea in Jardin de
..enjoying the fragrance of the abundance of asters this time of year in this huge garden "très ravissant"..
In this small studio (below) I stayed when the deadly cyclonic windstorm hit Paris 10 years ago. I spent all night fully dressed clasping my passport and handbag by the entrance door rigging all the stuff I could find against the only studio window.
Well that was a night to remember. In the morning when the storm had faded somewhat, I hit the deserted streets of Paris - and was chocked. It looked like Paris had been under a siege.The Seine had overflowed. Huge parts of buildings and balconies had landed on the streets. Broken glass were cracking and scrunching under my feet.
Below is the Paris rooftop painting I made this morning out of memory of the little studio window just before the storm:

A doorway in Paris.
Click for a great Paris blog:
Peter´s Paris from which this picture is taken. Makes you long even more..