måndag 4 april 2011

Just before leaving for..

..a Sunday dinner party which eventually ended up with a nice round of International Gin Rhummy, I found a box of Pastel Crayons/Chalksand just had too try them out. They were absolutely great to work with but it´s dust spilled all over me and the studio. Working in pastels is new to me and I had to turn to the net to find out how to find a fixative to make the colors stick.
I was told that they used hairspray in the old days. But then again, modern hairsprays are quite another story.
I almost was late for the party but I get totally caught up with drawing and painting and lose time-all the time. But later, tummy full of a 3-course dinner and red wine, I won the Gin Rhummy! And I am off in the rain to Visby this Monday morning to get some professional fixative for future pastel adventures!
( OK. I will just check a little for GinRhummyWinningFix too! :-)
This was fun!