lördag 6 november 2010

Picking out lambs..

Yesterday we went to visit a sheepfarmer to pick out two new young lambs for my sister who already had two - Hildur and Signe. The rams that met us were quite impressive, curious, friendly and handsome dudes! Future fathers of the sheep group, so to speak..
Here Sis is picking out one of the year old lambs to bring along as soon as she has been impregnated. The lambs alas. Not my sister!
Sheep are never called "sheep" in Gotland. They are all "lambs" - young or old. The babies are simply called baby lambs ="Lammungar" (Swedish).
Here is one of the lambs we picked. We already named her Gertrude! The other sweetie is pitch black and will probably be named Ruth. All very old fashioned names picked from our grandmothers´generation.
It will take a while until they can be transported back to the farm. Meanwhile, autum is
falling and the colors of Gotland change..