fredag 12 augusti 2011

Paraphernalia Nostalgica..

I recently visited a small neighbouring cottage in Gotland where the local historic parish society has been collecting a number of everyday use objects and touching countryside memorabilia over the years.
The little historic cottage is situated in Stenkyrka in northern Gotland, Sweden.
An intricate knitting machine of anno dazumal caught my eye here, for a long time. (Thinking about the warming socks, mittens and pulls that had been produced here on snowy winter nights in the light of a kerosene lamp.)
Good stuff and useful farm utensils..
.. in the kitchens of the old days ..
An old anchor I found in a small fishing village in Boviken, Gotland. No museum here!
It was just sitting there on the ground!I just love is simple construction!

Stenkyrka parish cottage.
Mouse trap of the old days -so called clump trap.
(The times of flat dead, departed and deseased mouses?!)

Cashier´s receipt board in the old - still thriving- Sandhamn bakery in the Stockholm archipelago
The pretty bakery in the Sandhamn village.

"Farmer´s pride"- old marine print, Gotland
Traditional cupboard, Swedish country style, (Gotland) today very much in demand at auctions. How I would love to have one of those!