måndag 16 augusti 2010

Going hipstamatic..

Yes. I bought a new IPhone.( The old one was beyond repair). And downloaded the Hipstamatic application at once. It is great to experiment with the various lenses and films it provides..
Upon returning to Sandhamn, I found these prints of my little grandchild´s small feet..
..left for me on the cottage table. The just had to go into a silver frame I happened to have at home!
The roses on my old cottage table..And the old coffee grinder in the background. Fits well with the old fashioned photo technique..
And here is a photo of the Sandhamn harbour from a few days ago - looking like it was taken in the 50´s with my old box camera! (The photos called temporarily for another, older font to match - Times. Pity Blogger only have so few of those to chose from..)