lördag 30 april 2011

Fergie´s Revenge?

Her mother´s "subtle" revenge for not having been invited to the Royal weddding?

fredag 29 april 2011

I have now lived next to the Lummelunda caves..

..for 2,5 years and never entered them! And parts of the grotto system probably run right under my own grounds!
The extensive cave system reaches far and subsequently you are not permitted to do any deeper interferences with the grounds as for instance, to install geothermal heating etc, when your property is thought to be situated above this winding system of cavities, creeks, small lakes, halls and fossile rock formations..
So on Good Friday I finally entered my neighbouring, exciting cave system. The Lummelunda Creek is meandering deep down there in the dark grounds, with plenty of stalactites and stalagmites, impressive halls and lakes and fossil formations. (Gotland was in the very beginning situated next to Kenya before they split up and the island slided northwards when Gondwana began to break up in the early-Jurassic!)
This little group above felt almost sacral on a Good Friday.

(So OK, I did a little adding on Photoshop to capture my feeling on this - the Virgin with Jesus, Joseph and the Three Wise men.)

Lummelundagrottan (Swedish for "The Lummelunda cave") is a nature reserve located near Lummelunds bruk north of Visby on Gotland, Sweden.
It is best known for the actual cave Lummelundagrottan, also called Rövarkulan (40 acres) and include the cave and an area above the ground. It is one of the longest caves in Sweden; the investigated parts of it measure almost 4 km (2.5 mi) ("The Den of Robbers"). The reserve is 16 haThe site is visited by about 110,000 people each year.
Not quite everything felt sacral though! The old Swedish trolls seemed to keep still on this very day!
Back in 1948 the first efforts were made to enter the rather small system of caves when three young boys with adventures in mind sneaked into the grotto. At one point a rock fell down and exposed a 20 meter long narrow tunnel. They were slim enough to be able to go where no one had been able before. (I am happy I was not their mother!) They discovered two big halls and was subsequently stopped by a lake.

The three adventurous boys who discovered the cave are all still alive today to tell their story:
(In Swedish only, however a reconstruction on the adventures well worth watching anyway!)
Later they brought a raft that took them further into the cave system. Today, diwers have discovered a further 400 meters of tunnels in the grotto as well as the biggest hall room so far.
Cave map

torsdag 28 april 2011

Sandhamn represented in Washington!

Thalia and Malcolm,Washington DC. Easter Parade 2011.
Thalia wearing the sweater with the Sandhamn logo she loves! Malcolm is carrying my father´s old, worn leather jacket of a quality it can probably be passed on for further generations!

I just wish I could find a photo with my father wearing it in Sandhamn!)

(Photos: Dag E)

"Curls" or "Profiles in happiness!"
Thalia: a young girl in-the-making!

söndag 17 april 2011

And another little princess..

..just as sweet! Thalia in the Flamenco dress Granpa bought for her in Sevilla, Spain.

(Foto: Malcolm E.)

fredag 15 april 2011

Swedish Crown Princess Victoria..

Pretty Princess.
..and her husband Prince Daniel paid us a visit at Gotland today and I managed to take some pictures of the couple.

Gotland showed itself from its best sunny side and the Princess kept saying how much she enjoyed being here. She spent quite sometime talking to people who ha turned up here in Tingstäde to greet her.
Here they are visiting the Polhemsgården in Tingstäde.
Gotland spring flowers..
A great outfit!
The couple radiated heaps of warmth.
And they seem soooo much in love!

The new islam scores..

..when actress Weena Malik in an orthodox Pakistani TV-programme, is accused of Koran sinning for her participation in the Indian docu soap "Big Boss".
Watch when Weena in an unprecedented rage discharges her mortar shelling on the perplexed mufti Abdul Quavi:

Quavi: "A million watched your programme. 100 % believe that you disgraced Pakistan and the religion."

"I am more outraged with you than you are with me" she retorts. "Today, bribe crimes, murder and theft are all committeed in the name of islam!"

The truth is, that fundamentalism - no matter whether you name it Christianity or Muslim or by any other name - frequently consider itself to possess the capacity
/monopoly/priviledge to hold the full knowledge and the fundamental insight
what "everybody is thinking and how everybody should live and behave" ...
and subsequently have the world to adjust accordingly..

onsdag 13 april 2011

Waching the mini series about the Kennedys..

.. presently running on Swedish television, I suddenly realised that I had once met Rose Kennedy. Mrs Kennedy was in Sweden in the 60´s to pick up a Swedish Guide and Scout Association award and I (a journalist trainee at Svenska Dagbladet-daily conservative) was sent to write a small article on the event.
The type of events trainees are sent to cover.
The trainee. (Or possiby - rowing reporter?)
After the necessary rutines, we sat down and chat. Guess what we were chatting about?
I asked wheather Boddy sang in the shower in the mornings!? (I was a trainee, remember!)
And Rose politely smiled and said: Yes he does! And well too!
I had a strong feeling from the following conversation that he was her favourite son. I think that is quite obvious in the TV series too.
Years later I saw Bobby live, speaking/campaigning from a truck in sunny Oakland, California.
He was so young, suntanned, handsome and full of life.
He was so close I could have reached out to touch him.
Four days after, he was shot dead in Los Angeles..

"In 1968, with the country divided over the war in Vietnam, the Democratic Party struggled to rally behind a candidate. Amid this political turbulence, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, guided by a set of principles and his burning opposition to the war, entered the race. The party establishment reacted with dismay, but his candidacy, coming just five years after the assassination of his brother John F. Kennedy, filled the electorate with hope—a hope that met a violent end just a few months later.."

måndag 11 april 2011

A freckled boy....

..playing on the beach before the disaster.
This is an oil painting I made some days ago.
The youngster above is a childhood friend of mine and he is playing at a particular Sandhamn (Stockholm archipelago) beach in the 50´s. At this white-sandy pretty beach,
daily swimming lessons for the kids on the island were held through a number of summers, as were many junior regattas..
The old picure is from the beginning of the 1900´s though. "Barnens regatta" has been a big event on Sandhamn through well over a century now.

The thing was that close to this beautiful beach, the island´s sewers led straight out into the sea - untreated. This was the 50´s remember. And this was the days before the polio vaccinations, alas.
Jonas Salk

Some of my friends subsequently caught polio here.
Me and my sister, went to another swimming school on the other side of our island, close to where we lived - with no sewage.

So this is a tribute to "A freckled boy" who caught the dreaded desease, but thanks God, is OK

(And yes, you observant viewer, it is also tribute to Isaac Grunewald, my favourite painter!)

tisdag 5 april 2011

Now when the kitchen starts getting into shape..

..it is time for me to get there too. Hmm. What can you do when you finally have built a cosy kitchen but to start great cooking ?
This is how the 100-year old kitchen looks today.
And this is how it looked yesteryear when I bought the house.

The only window is facing east and provides a nice light here in the mornings.
You can´t have it all but I find the room rather dark in the afternoons and have been working with a number of various built-in light sources-with focus on the great Led bulbs.

I am very fond of open shelves for storage and had those taylored for me.
The staircase leading up to the second floor from the kitchen.
This one says "Flour" in Swedish and is inherited from my Grandma´s huge apartment in Kungsholmen, Stockholm.
The handpainted baskets I picked up in flea markets.

This sign with hooks which is antique is a winning bid at a Gotland auction.
I sneaked in this Shabby mirror above the stove to help a bit with light reflections. The kitchen tools in brass, I bought in Zimbabwe where they used to hang in my kirchen in Richmond Road, Highlands, Harare. The heavy brass pounder was my mother´s.

Now! Let´s start some serious cooking!

I can´t resist giving you darling Julia here: