lördag 7 augusti 2010

The Garden in August..

Some recent heavy rains have transformed the garden from the dry landscape of this summer´s heatwave into a lush green..
Yesterday, I picked the cherries to make a pie.
And there are rasberries for breakfast every morning..
The apples are doing fine!
The Black Currants are like grapes.
Thus. No time for the hammock!
Autumn flowers in pale purple. With a marvellous scent!

The light changes gradually as the days pass and impose a little sad feeling of the upcoming fall. I guess we all know the feeling - when the ads in the papers are talking about "School start".. ..showing happy apple cheeked kids gazing up from fresh school books and they start showing the drab collections of tweeds, boots and hats of autumn clothing..

Yet, there is still time..
Yesterday I swam in my sister´s pool and collected duck eggs from her poultry house containing chickens of all kinds (crossbreads with crazy outfits like heavy plumage on their little heads not matching their bald bodies etc), roosters, ducks and peacocks.

The sun is hot and - yes, there is still time...
For a bit of summer galore encore..