torsdag 29 september 2011

Indian summer..

October is soon upon us and Sweden (at least the southern parts) is really experiencing a great "Indian Summer" with warm and sunny days. Tuesday, I did not leave the boundries of my paradise garden for a moment. The lawns are emerald green, the grass is studded with a variety of apples in all apple colors.
The sun was burning my cheeks while I picked the late, huge,sweet rasberries.

Presently,the kirchen is covered with buckets full of golden apple must and I am trying to make some cider too. What a nice feeling it will be to open a bottle of perfectly ecological must when the winter storms rattle the dark windows!
I will most probably finish them off long before that!

(The bottles that is - not the ratteling windows!)
The old barns are painted in the impressionistic
light of late September..
Some roses are still flowering to the joy of ambitious bees who are flying in for a last sip.

The nasturtium is heading towards the sky - oh, how I love their typical smell that brings back childhood memories..
The pears are just about to ripe and these big ones above tastes delicious,
- warmed by the late early autumn sun.

The small green grapes are full of seeds and growing by a southern wall.
Not much for wine making, really!
(The cider will do just fine!)
The Jerusalem artichokes In the background are almost three meters tall by now and the small lumps will not be dug up from the soil below until the first frost!
Then, we shall make a delicious soup!
(It´s the first season I grow these - cost a small fortune for two plants!)

The dahlias are in now in bloom.

And there is a crimson sky almost every evening. Soon, to soon, the entire garden will turn the same colors, gold, purple, orange and crimson..
I wonder why the Anglo world calls the warm fall days "Indian summer"?
So we consult Wiki as always:
An Indian summer is a meteorological phenomenon that occurs in the autumn. It refers to a period of considerably above normal temperatures, accompanied by dry and hazy conditions, usually after there has been a killing frost. Depending on latitude and elevation, the phenomenon can occur in the Northern Hemisphere between late September and mid November. In Sweden we say "Britt summer" because of the namesday of Britt or Britta that occurrs on the 7th of October.

onsdag 28 september 2011

As imperceptibly as grief..

..The summer lapsed away, --
Too imperceptible, at last,
To seem like perfidy.

A quietness distilled,
As twilight long begun,
Or Nature, spending with herself
Sequestered afternoon.

The dusk drew earlier in,
The morning foreign shone, --
A courteous, yet harrowing grace,
As guest who would be gone.

And thus, without a wing,
Or service of a keel,
Our summer made her light escape
Into the beautiful.

--As Imperceptibly as Grief by Emily Dickinson

söndag 18 september 2011

The Fårö night - "Fårönatta"

Once a year, the small island north of Gotland - Fårö (at the very northern tip of the map above ) celebrates an entire night every September with a fiesta which is marking The Grand Finale of Summer. It is called "Fårönatta" (The special night of Fårö).
Fårö the small island separated from Gotland by a short ferry trip, is perhaps internationally mostly known through famous film director Ingemar Bergman who spent a large part of his life here. He brought a spectrum of Swedish and international actors to the island and made Fårö a superb setting for many of his great films.The film maker lived here where he had his heart, work, studios and home..
(Ingemar Bergman right with Sven Nykvist)
It is well known that the Fårö natives portected the genius´ privacy carefully. It is said that you never got the right information on how to find his house situated near a stony beach.
During the years he lived there, you could ask any of the locals about the whereabouts of his houses and they most likely would point in all kinds of directions and scratch their heads respectively..
The island provided settings for his Fårö trilogy of: Hour of the Wolf, The Passion of Anna and Skammen, as well as Persona. Andrey Tarkovsky’s The Sacrifice was also filmed on Fårö.
Link to Ingmar Bergman official website Face To Face.
Back to Fårönatta. Our first stop were at wellknown Kuten´s - a great place for nostalgica with focus on the 60´s. At first, the sight of a junk yard meets you. Here, Kuten, - a groovy ..
(Photo: Sverige Radio)
..hippie drop-in, runs a great Creperie speak-easy which serves lovely galettes and crepes. And a book store across the road which bears quite some resemblance to "Shakespeare´s" intellectual hang-out in Paris.

This is the psychedelic entrance!

Next to the Creperie, there is an out-of-sight bar brimming with all the paraphernalia bling bling from the 50´and 60´s you can think of. On stage, bands play music from the era and here they celebrate odd evenings with vigils like the death parties of Elvis´s and Marilyn´s and other deceased icons!
And all courses on the menu carry names like "Galette Hopper," " Brando" or "Marilyn" etc. (I had the Hopper with Chorizo, with all kinds of goodies baked á lá minute into the delicious durum pancakes. You bet your sweet bippie!!)

The entrance. Far out! Can you dig it?

Bar graffiti. Groovy man, groovy!
The Blue Grass band rehearsing before the invasion of the Party Night crowds.
Bar action, hey hey let´s get stoooned..
(Photo: Gotland net)

A gas pump from Anno Dazumal.
The junk that meets the eye!
On the northern tip of Fårö..

Fårö Lighthouse is a Swedish lighthouse located on the island´s easternmost tip.
In the 19th century there had been many complaints from sea authorities that the coastlines on Gotland had very few lighthouses. So the decision was made to build one on the north side of Gotland. This lighthouse was constructed one year after the one on Hoburgen at the south tip of Gotland.The light ran on a colza oil lamp at first. In 1882 a paraffin lamp replaced the old one, and in 1953 it was electrified. From 1891 to 1976 the tower had a first-order Fresnel lens installed in its lantern which made the lighthouse very powerful. It is remote-controlled since 1976 and owned by the Swedish Maritime Administration. (Wikipedia)
Unfortunately, the lighthouse was not open to the public this year on this night.
Langhammars at Fårö. (photo: Gotland net)
(photo: Gotland net)
The Laterna Magica theater, (Laterna Magica is the title of Ingemar Bergman´s biography).. held a surprise performance in the night..
(photo: Gotland net)
The "FåröNatta" event is an effort to present Fårö as an all -year-round-island-resort, where a number of enterprises, businesses, individuals and associations join forces to show that Fårö is very much alive all year around!
And all through the night once a year!

Every 30 minutes there are ferries from Gotland to the island. The easiest way to travel is by car (for rent in Visby). In the summer you can reach Gotland by plane from Stockholm, Göteborg, Ängelholm, Sundsvall, Ronneby, Norrköping, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo and Hamburg as well.

Stockholm under the rainbow..

From the ferry to Djurgården cruising in the beautiful Stockholm harbor, this stunning September rainbow was captured..
(Photo: Lina Ehrenpreis)

lördag 3 september 2011

Late summer pleasures..

Sweet corn harvested on Gotland. Yummy!
The pretty apple trees of my garden in the late afternoon sun, Saturday.
The grapes are still pretty sour.. :-(
Are there any apples called "Blushing cheeks?" (In case not: I thy hereby christen you, my favourite apples anonymously hidden in the woods in the back of the garden to...)

fredag 2 september 2011

Happy Birthday,Thalia!

She turns 3 years today, my grandchild Thalia! Have a great party in DC ,in your new day care school and at home! Hip hip hurray!
I´ll see you soon my darling!

torsdag 1 september 2011

The Eastern coast of Gotland..

Shrimps so temptingly presented, boiled on one side of the wooden serving box and smoked on the other.

The opposite coast of Gotland (from where I live), to the east is called Östergarnslandet; has a lot to offer. Some days ago it was time for an excursion east together with a friend who has been living there for many summers in the past - and, of course was an excellent guide!

Starting off at Katthammarsvik with shrimps at their Smokehouse was an excellent launching point for the day.
Beautiful Gotland glass and with a view of the Baltic.
Gotland designs and the famous sheepskins of the island in the back.
Great designs!
The only real manor house in Gotland is to be found here in Katthammarsvik.
Annexes for rent.
Time for a walk in the woods and a peak at the various birds at Storsund.
The bird watching tower.

A visit to Ilses toy store in Kräklingbo is a must.
Ilse to the right. She stocks a lot a quality toys from Germany - mainly made of wood. Not much plastic here! She made a lovely package for me to send to Washington where someone is turning 3 years tomorrow!
Meanwhile, at home, some huge old ashtrees are felled in my backyard. Good stuff they have for equipment, those good humored Gotland farmers!
Well, now is time for cleaning up and burning. That part is mine! And my equipemnt is just great! A rake will do just fine (and some girl power)!