fredag 1 april 2011

Love is in the air..

Some days ago, I went with my sister to pick up bags of carrots for her carrot-loving horses. I bought a heavy sack for myself to make juice to deep freeze and to make the new favourite: Carrot mousse! (cook pieces like potatoes, add whole cream some salt and pepper and mix to a mash. Delicious! And healthy too - now when we live in the:
This naughty couple was among the carrots I was going to peel today - April Fool´s Day,
and I couldn´t bring myself to kill their cuddly, shy spring love! He really looked like he was making a good pass at her! Had to share! Before the peel-kill!
(And.. give me credit for NOT adding talking bubbles here! Hard to resist though! Could have turned out a bit indecent! )
This is for great laughters! The involuntary "manslaughters" of Autocorrect messaging!
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Have a great April Fool´s day!