måndag 11 juli 2011


It is well known fact in Sweden that the "Gold of the Forests" -the delicious cloudberries- are to be found mainly in the northern woods of Sweden. Little is known that they can be found on the small islets and skerries far out in the Stockholm archipelago! You will have to travel rather far to the outmost islands to find them in the small, mouldy and humid canyons among the crags.
These canyons are in addition the favourite grounds of rather poisonous vipers. (These islands are known to have the largest population of venomous snakes in Europe.)
Being placed under protection they thrive in abundance among the tasty frogs of the many small island ponds. A protection enactment which no "archipelago aboriginal" really obeys, I can assure you.
So yesterday, donning a good pair of Wellingtons, I set out to search for them - the cloudberries, that is - and alas!

This is the harvest which I prompty poured into a pan and boiled with sugar until almost caramelized and then served with thin pancakes a´ la´galette and devoured on a smooth rock in the sunshine overlooking the glittering Baltic..
The summer Baltic