tisdag 5 april 2011

Now when the kitchen starts getting into shape..

..it is time for me to get there too. Hmm. What can you do when you finally have built a cosy kitchen but to start great cooking ?
This is how the 100-year old kitchen looks today.
And this is how it looked yesteryear when I bought the house.

The only window is facing east and provides a nice light here in the mornings.
You can´t have it all but I find the room rather dark in the afternoons and have been working with a number of various built-in light sources-with focus on the great Led bulbs.

I am very fond of open shelves for storage and had those taylored for me.
The staircase leading up to the second floor from the kitchen.
This one says "Flour" in Swedish and is inherited from my Grandma´s huge apartment in Kungsholmen, Stockholm.
The handpainted baskets I picked up in flea markets.

This sign with hooks which is antique is a winning bid at a Gotland auction.
I sneaked in this Shabby mirror above the stove to help a bit with light reflections. The kitchen tools in brass, I bought in Zimbabwe where they used to hang in my kirchen in Richmond Road, Highlands, Harare. The heavy brass pounder was my mother´s.

Now! Let´s start some serious cooking!

I can´t resist giving you darling Julia here: