torsdag 27 januari 2011

The sun..

..suddenly poked down with its pretty face upon us today and it was time to do a bit of skiing in the immediate surroundings.. check all the animal tracks..
..that had been left in the snow over night.
There were deer tracks..
and plenty frolicking imprints of rabbit and hare..
..and of rats, blackbirds and I found a catwalk in the garden.The cat had torn down my garbage bag with shrimp shells which I had hanged high - too lazy to walk the 100 meters to the can in the dead of night. Today I also removed some dead mice from the traps - a thing I truly dislike. I am quite fond of mice - but this is necessary. I know.
In the afternoon, time for tea and some painting. I am doing oil right now and the house smells pleasently of lindseed oil.The days are getting longer now. And we have daylight to well after 4 PM now. I can tell you that makes a diffrence! I have almost forgotten how to spell spring:
Sprong? Wrong?
Spring spring spring
Repeat after me... :-)