torsdag 30 juni 2011

Gone fishing..

Moving out into the archipelago, we now started some fishing. Meters of nets go into the Baltic every night carefully positioned on fishing reefs well known to us since childhood.. We are now mainly focused on turbut but catch an occational salmon as well. (I certainly will dillcure these tonight) The turbot is cleaned of head and intestines and put as is in the owen at 100 C for an hour to simmer slowly in its own juice. Nothing added. Just that. And served with new potatoes and horseradish butter.. Mmmm mm
This is me early this morning getting a real muscle ace after pulling some hundred of meters of nets out of the sea.
It almost takes a full day to the clean the nets of sea weed..
But at sunset in a 100-year old fishing lodge (that has been handed down in the same family for generations) in the skerries far out in the archipelago , we enjoy a well deserved meal..
The fishing cabin.
A water color I have made of the cabin at the islet.

A great fishing partner on the go!
Sandhamn´s harbour in a distance
where thay are now preparing for the big event of the year: the Baltic/Gotland Runt Sailing Race/or
"ÅF Offshore Race" (previously "Round Gotland Race") is an offshore sailing race in the Baltic Sea, arranged by the Royal Swedish Yacht Club (KSSS) at the turn of the month June/July each year with the starting and finishing lines in Sandhamn in the outskirts of Stockholm archipelago. The two-days regatta is the most prestigious race in the Baltic Sea and have an average of around 300 participating sailing boats.
The competition is divided into eight different classes, sailing on five different courses. The longest, 653 M, is sailed by 60-foot trimarans, the shortest 179 M, for classic boats. The overall victor is appointed in the ORC International class. For the less experienced and family sailors there is the SweLYS/SRS class, which provides the holiday sailors a taste of a real sail-race adventure.