måndag 11 oktober 2010

A wonderful little device..

..is this little apple (pear-potatoes-beetroot-etc) peeler, slicer and core remover that I just had to buy in view of the thousands of apples which are presently covering the garden grounds!
It was invented by a clever Swedish housewife many years ago..
It is called "Auntie Hulda´s Appleslicer" and is a genious of a gadget!
So simple in its construction and so very effective!
The apple core is removed. Easy as apple pie.
Here she is "Auntie Hulda!"
Apple mousse in the making. En masse! I found the more varieties of apples you add to the mash - the tastier it becomes. I often add a bit of lemon juice as well.
Sunny and beautiful autum days are upon us right now.
Apple days of October.