onsdag 11 maj 2011

The Till Tale. Or The Tale of The Tilted Tub..

My only neighbour here in Gotland is an old but vital farmer whose mother was the sister of one my predecessors in the house I bought. They are all cousins and and related one way or the other here in the parish where I live.
Getting to know them is getting gradually to know my old house´s history.
Yesterday Rolf payed a visit and having often played in the house as a child, he felt quite at home and stormed into my small bath room and exclaimed "Aha!"
"Do you know why it is so small in here? Do you know what is in the area behind the wall?"
No I didn´t for sure..
"When they decided to renovate the old bathroom and to get rid of the old bathtub, it turned out that there was no way to get it out without breaking a wall or two.."
So they simply tilted the tub and built a wall to cover it!
So now I know. I have a big stand-up bathtub built into the wall between the livingroom and the bathroom! Great!
The things you find out..
Anyway, my neighbour came by the other day and tilled and ploughed and harrowed a strip of land for me. So I have now ordered maize seeds and now dream of maize of the "Sweet Nugget" kind!
Keep your finger crossed I will succeed! Please.

I haven´t grown any maize since my African years. But then again, then you relied on a lot of help from experienced gardeners. I remember so well in Tanzania the way my gardener repeated:"Mbili, mbili" while sowing and planting, which meant "Two, two" at the same time.
(If one seedling should die or not succeed.)

So I will surely hum "mbili, mbili" when planting.
And maybe a little of my favourite Malalaika-tune in Swahilii too:

Nakupenda Malalaika..