lördag 15 januari 2011

Trad excercise and pretty interiors:

Some days ago my oil paint box saw a bit of daylight again when I opened it after many months when I decided to have a go at a VERY traditional painting of some old farmhouses in the very last sunrays of a folding summer day.
This is the result.
It makes me giggly because I tried do hard to make it look like a traditional old fashioned country painting. I am actuallty seriously considering to break down the surface with somber glaze - just for the experimental kick of it all.
This old farmstead with buildings from between 1700/1800 in Hablingbo southern Gotland is a museum. I just love its pretty interiors and the well kept garden with plants and roses that are long lost and forgotten. Needless to say, I have a hard time to stop myself from stealing seeds when visiting Petesgården! These pictures of the farm build around 1800 are from Antikvärlden.
Interiors from Petesgården - Pete´s farmstead.

Petesgården is beautifully situated close to the sea on the S/W shore of Gotland.