onsdag 24 augusti 2011

Have you ever encountered Tuttivillius - the devil?

Today I made an extensive excursion to the eastern coast of Gotland (Östergarnslandet) and en route made a brief stop at the pretty parish church at Bäl. Luckily the church was open and I got a chance to view its many fresks recently unveiled, renovated and conserved. During the Enlightment era however, it was commonplace to try to cover and white wash the many old 1300-century fresks in churches to emphasize the theological purity of the places of worship.
Well, it is not difficult to realize why!
Now, here is one hell of a fresk that emerged and met the conservators: Say hello to Devil Tuttivillius! Just love that name!
Take a good look at his
horrifying feet and bulging eyes!
Tuttivillius is sitting by the church entrance forever taking stock of people gossiping in church!
Note the angel trying to hit the devil on the head!
Here, some devilish gossiper has his tongue painfully pulled to the degree that he is involuntarily relieving himself! This poor fellow must really have been quite some blabbermouth!
They all are great proof of some 1300-century cartoons/graffiti styles with quite a bit of humour in their presumably deterring efforts!
( Painting by Johan Bartsch 1664.)
And, above the altar, this lovely apple cheeked and red nosed Jesus is happily enjoying
the Last Supper!
Who is resting in his knee looking like he had a bit too much of the good wine from the calice and what kind of little strange animal is it on the plate ready to be devoured?

Who ever said that visiting old churches were boring?
A tuttivillius function was to collect in his sack any words omitted or stumbled over by a careless clerk, as well as to record the words of any who joked or gossiped in church.)
Tuttivillius to you all for now!
And remember to watch your tongues today and ever after!

Washington minutes after..

..the earthquake yesterday - 5.8 o in the Richter scale. People leaving buildings on Pennsylvania avenue - shaken but not stirred.
(Photo: Malcolm Ehrenpreis)

The spires of Washington National Cathedral snapped and broke in the quake. Thanks God no one was hurt or injured yesterday - according to preliminary reports..
(Photo: AP)