torsdag 19 maj 2011

The garden in a May sunset..

Having been away for a week from Gotland, I returned to my garden yesterday. This paradise garden with its many seasonal faces never ceases to amaze me! Summer is just about to explode and the fruit trees are all in bloom. So I went into my haven with the camera just before supper and had to share..
(Just hate to have to travel and leave this timeof year but alas! sometimes you just have too)

All the blackbirds that I had fed through the harsh winter were singing happily and my almost tame phesant was proudly strolling around in his sparkling outfit..(he refuses to get within range of my camera though..)

There are plenty of orchids in the garden and the amount is increasing after the clearing of some trees and bushes last fall.

Soon the rapeseed field in the back will be full of poppies - a sign of ecological agriculture, I guess.
My small veggie garden where I planted Jerusalem artichokes and tomatoes today.

The old cherry tree that almost reaches into my bedroom on the upper floor must be almost 100-years old. It´s time in bloom is very short - just a week or so. I enjoy every minute of it and you can easily see it is hard to leave this little paradise this time of year..