måndag 28 februari 2011

Gotland - late winter days..

Early morning sunrays.
We are now in a stage after "a long winter of discontent" with an increasing amount of sunrays and daylight hours. Here I took a picture of the first morning rays in the Morning Room.
I love it´s pretentious name: "The Morning Room". It really sounds like I am living in a mansion of 250 rooms of Downton Abbey style!
So I am thinking of sticking to it. However I can promise you I have no intentions so far to dress up for dinner yet as the ladies do in the great TV-series.
Oh, dream away..
Winter is slowly slipping away and the birds are chirping in a new kind of happier way.
Sunday afternoon at Själsö fishing harbour in Gotland.

We turned our pale winter faces for a minute towards the sun and to enjoy the heat on our cheeks.
The stony beachfront and pretty ice formations.
Old fashioned net cradles in straight lines on the shore of the small harbour.
The sun starts setting..
..and the coast changes its icy blue into a warmer color. We return home with a first notion of the oncoming spring in our minds.
"Now is the winter of our discontent,
Soon made glorious summer by that sun of Gotland.."