tisdag 10 augusti 2010

Today, we went Medieval in Visby:

But before we took off to join the festivities we shot some pics of Sis and me rigged up as Middle Age maidens. :-) !!
The slide show was made by my brother in law Mats and was shot in the old blacksmith´s house at my sister´s and his farm at Lugnet. This oldest house on the farm is like a museum and contains a number of old, marvellous paraphernalia.


Once in a while I get a bit tired of digital photograhy.
I then found a way to experiment with another form of photography - the old fashioned way.
It seems to be very right for the moment: you´ll find those "yellowing" pictures turning up off and on in blogs and web pages. Here are four versions of old fashioned "analogue" photography experiments I made from the very same Sandhamnrose - a new Dawn.
The pics were taken with an apps I had downloaded on to my new IPhone.
Quite fun it is (was!) and with good results too - I find!

Lägg till bildHowever, the new phone with its great camera dived into the cold water at high sea when I was riding an open boat a week ago and the IPhone is no more. (I have not quite gotten over the loss yet!) All that is left are the experiments with the old fashioned pictures of the sweet smelling roses I had downloaded to the computer. Like old book markers they are - the ones you used to trade with your little girlfriends around the age of 10...