söndag 28 november 2010

Not quite December yet..

..and we are already drifting into a Christmas mood. Plenty of snow has fallen the last few days here.
I have a constant fire going in my new fireplace! I had it installed just in time! The temperature dropped to subzero in a few days here in Gotland. Before we probably had the "warmest" weather in Sweden due to the fact that the surrounding Baltic has been acting like a radiator. In spring - it´s the opposite.
Christmas market at Bläse Old Limestone Kiln
Lacey snow patterns..
The Bläse Market in the limestone kiln with an old sepia photo of the hard working men who used to work here in the old days.
The Bläse chimney.
One of the huge hearthes in the kiln.
Gotland wool and sheepskins for sale.
Observe the sales lady knitting while serving the customer..

Today we celebrate the first of Advent. And we light up the very first candle.
My backyard today.
Two horses in my sister´s meadow seeking warmth and snuggling up close to each other. I thought for an instance that Dr Dolittle´s Push-me-Pull-you had come to visit us!
Here is another picture on the same theme by Gerry van der Wait of photo-africa