torsdag 6 januari 2011

Eyes, eyes. eyes..

The eyes of some of the world´s..
..most beautiful women.
I am sure you will be able to guess who they are!
Above for example: Recognize "The Da Vinci gaze!?"
Now: Eyes and mouth! Woody´s special darling indeed..
Eyes on fire. A woman with a temper.
Eyes - a bit of beautiful aloofness with a distinct hallmark of British class..
The world most famous Bambi/Gazell eyes..
The amberly sparkle of an unchallenged movie queen..
Eyes of which any man could die for...a single glance..
The eyes of a modern clear sighted beauty..
The green/grey beautiful eyes of a northern Europe Bond Blonde.
Eyes that conquered much more than a small European kingdom..
Eyes ofa woman that are all over in the global glossy magazines most of the time..

Pasta voluptuous and very Latin!
Eyes of the sweet dream girl of any mother-in-law.
"No sex please - we are British type.
The green eyes of Petulia..? A Darling from the 60´s.
An amazingly confidential gaze..


Liz T, Halle B,
Audrey T, Scarlett J,
Penelope C, Kira N,
Audrey H, Julia R,
Marilyn M, Charlize T,
Isabella S, Grace K,
Angelina J, Claudia C,
Gwyneth P, Julie C
, Kim B,