onsdag 13 april 2011

Waching the mini series about the Kennedys..

.. presently running on Swedish television, I suddenly realised that I had once met Rose Kennedy. Mrs Kennedy was in Sweden in the 60´s to pick up a Swedish Guide and Scout Association award and I (a journalist trainee at Svenska Dagbladet-daily conservative) was sent to write a small article on the event.
The type of events trainees are sent to cover.
The trainee. (Or possiby - rowing reporter?)
After the necessary rutines, we sat down and chat. Guess what we were chatting about?
I asked wheather Boddy sang in the shower in the mornings!? (I was a trainee, remember!)
And Rose politely smiled and said: Yes he does! And well too!
I had a strong feeling from the following conversation that he was her favourite son. I think that is quite obvious in the TV series too.
Years later I saw Bobby live, speaking/campaigning from a truck in sunny Oakland, California.
He was so young, suntanned, handsome and full of life.
He was so close I could have reached out to touch him.
Four days after, he was shot dead in Los Angeles..

"In 1968, with the country divided over the war in Vietnam, the Democratic Party struggled to rally behind a candidate. Amid this political turbulence, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, guided by a set of principles and his burning opposition to the war, entered the race. The party establishment reacted with dismay, but his candidacy, coming just five years after the assassination of his brother John F. Kennedy, filled the electorate with hope—a hope that met a violent end just a few months later.."