måndag 2 augusti 2010

Time to be picky! And to make a cell phone casket...

Back in Gotland, harvest time is on. My sister and I left Sandhamn yesterday and spent the 3 hour ferry ride across the water playing the great game of Carcassonne on her IPad! She is back after sailing the Caledonian Canal in Scotland on to Skye where she bought her IPad - the gadget has nor yet reached Sweden. I am dying to get one myself!

Meanwhile, I´ll have to do with starting to pick the berries of my garden. This is today´s harvest. And, since my new IPhone was drenched by a wave in foul weather when I was riding an open boat in the archipelago Saturday, this is what I am trying do do to this dead, drenched cell phone:
Into an absorbent damp eater casket called "Torrbollen" (The "dry ball" in Swedish) it goes! Looks a bit like a cell phone funeral to me. A Dead, Departed, Deseased, Expired Ex-IPhone!
Done with cellphone:

And of course I don´t have any insurance for the drowning of the IPhone. I have all kinds of more or less absurd insurance coverages - "clearing the debrie if the old barn should burn to the ground" etc. "hitting a one-legged priest while riding my bike after eating cherry cake" And other similar unbelievable stunts.
But no insurance for
an IPhone being drenched in the high seas riding an open boat in a rolling, heavy sea? No. A life line to the world! (How studid can you get?) Small text.
So here I am on Gotland with the dead cell phone in a casket, singing a little tune - hymn? to
myself - an extraordinary undertaking while gobbling rasberries at the same time. Any insurance for rasberry choking anyone?